3 Of The Best Travel Pouches

Travel AccessoriesWhen traveling, we need to take extra precaution to keep our belongings safe and secure. At the same time, we don’t want to be limited by our gear, so it needs to be streamlined, efficient and comfortable. Another consideration when out in the world is, being fashionable. It’s not necessary to be a fashion icon, but we want to look good. Like a freshly paved driveway, you can feel as good as your local paver hamilton on does after he gets paid for a job well done. There is definite truth to the old SNL adage; to look good is to feel good. How do we accomplish all of this; safe, secure, streamlined, efficient, comfortable and fashionable?

There are several manufactures of travel pouches, some better than others and some designed for specific types of travel.To be sure you are getting what you need – as all pouches are not created equal, I have reviewed a few of the more popular packs.

Zero Grid Money Belt
Traveling anywhere requires attention to our documents, but even more so when traveling overseas. We are carrying a passport, currency and credit cards, personal health record cards, and our cell phone. These are just a few of our essential walking around items. None of these things require bulk and should be worn safely under clothing. The Zero Grid Money Belt is slim, lightweight, made of durable rip stop nylon, and easily tucks under a shirt or blouse. Inner built-in security pockets are convenient and block RFID – radio frequency identification, protecting your credit cards. Another fine feature fans of this money pouch like is the security buckle guard. It has a hidden 2-finger release that stops accidental unbuckling and pick-pocketing. This gets a thumbs up from buyers, but if for any reason the consumer is not satisfied, a full money back guarantee with no questions asked is standard. A great value at $24.94 US.

Personal Media Traveling Pouch
Traveling with your tech gadgets when you hit the road means you’ll want to be sure they travel safely. Few things are as maddening as dealing with all the cords, adapters and plugs that come with our favorite transportable gizmos. When traveling they need to be organized securely in a well padded, water resistant pouch. Consider the KangaRoom Media Pouch. This pouch is designed to hold an ipod, camera, phone and related cords neatly within six internal compartments of varying depths. It zips together in a package that is about the width and length of a hard-covered book, which makes it easy to store in a suitcase, backpack or purse. It comes in several different colors ranging from hot pink to a subdued camel/chocolate shade. You only pay $12.99 US for this outstanding convenience.


Travel security is always foremost in our minds when we take ourselves to parts unknown. Before a recent trip to Ecuador I was told that the people were very warm and welcoming – and indeed they were, but also to be aware of the clever street thieves. Ecuador is a poor country and as always the case, tourist look like ripe fruit. No one wants to spend every moment watching their back, but no one wants to get ripped off when on vacation either. In advance of my trip I purchased a Pacsafe day pack. Touted for its anti-theft advantage, it proved to live up to its claims. Sitting at a sidewalk cafe I put my pouch over the back of my chair. To any unknowing eye it looked like easy pickings. Because of the security features offered in my day pouch, like turn and lock security hooks it was tethered to the chair I was sitting in. Anyone trying to take it would have to take me and the chair with them. Also equipped with RFID blocking, and smart zipper technology, slashproof carry safe straps, eXomesh safeguard material it was the best $140.00 I’ve spent on travel gear.

These are a few practical pouches that travelers can use with ease. If you’ve had a great experience with a day pouch or extended stay pouch share it with my readers and leave a comment below.