About Pouch Pack

Conveniences make our lives more manageable. In a time where everything moves so fast, and we along with it, it’s a necessity to stay organized. At Pouch Pack we fill you in on the latest recommendation of pouches used for travel as well as daily enjoyment.

Long gone are the fanny packs we wore in the 80’s, and yet the need for their serviceability remains. We still spy a fanny pack once in a while, and despite the lack of fashion, it does serve a purpose that is hard to beat. At Pouch Pack we will review existing pouches being offered on the market from the standpoint of fashion and what’s trending, but even more importantly from the functionality of the piece. None of us want to peg ourselves with a piece of equipment as being from the last century, we want to know what’s trending now. Looking good and practicality does not need to be mutually exclusive.

We use pouches for many reasons; from carrying baby diapers when running daily errands to money belts when sojourning far off countries. It’s not only a convenience, but a necessity to have our belongings well cared for and safe. At Pouch Pack we will fill you in on the latest technology to keep you from the sly gypsies with the sharp blade cruising the garment district of Florence or the narrow passageways of Casablanca. With the right pack your belongings will remain with you and not being tallied up as loot on the table of a stranger.

Pouch Pack will take you into the history of pouches and where the idea first became popular. What advancements have been made to bring the pouch into 2015 and beyond. We deliver points of view about the reasons some pouches are more desirable than others. Why a manufacturer put a feature in a day pouch that normally would be reserved for an overnighter.

The world of pouches is growing and offering expanded options like never before. Read along with us at Pouch Pack and learn more about the best choices to make when deciding to purchase your next pouch.