Practical Packs and Pouches For Precarious Peregrinations

wildernessHaving a dependable pouch and pack when in a questionable environment can make a huge difference. In that small, innocuous pouch may be a knife, matches, compass, light, a cell phone – a few very basic survival tools. When it comes to food and snacks you don’t need to contact your local caterer to make elaborate meals for your trip.

Anything that is rich in nutrients and energy while being compact enough to fit in your bag will do the trick. When you take off for an outdoor adventure, such as a fall hunt, a wilderness photo shoot, or just a day hiking and birding, it’s a must to choose your equipment wisely. A rugged pouch or pack is going to serve you better than one you would pick up to take on a day tour of Paris, for example.

Several manufactures supply exactly what you need for a day in the wilderness. From trekking the craggy roof of the world when summiting a twenty-nine thousand foot peak, to spelunking the belly of the planet, these stable pouches and packs can make a difference in your experience.

Safety First
The TP33 tourniquet pouch made by Protech is small and invaluable in the event of an emergency. The initial rule of thumb is safety first. Carrying this small pouch could mean the difference between life and death when hours away from lifesaving care. It conveniently attaches to your tactical vest or duty belt. It is compatible with most commonly used tourniquets and is rugged Cordura® for reliable and durable dependability.

Utility Pouch
Another outstanding product by Protech is their TP19-A Vecal Utility pouch. Again made to be durable and stand up under harsh conditions, this pouch is only 4″ by 8″. It boasts a large opening for easy storage and easy access. No matter how much of a beating you give this little pouch, it will hold up and protect your gear inside. Easily mounted on your belt, or pack it is lightweight and comfortable.

Sabi SakStabilizing Pouch
When on a photo safari keeping your camera steady means the difference between a great shot and an almost great shot. When on a live animal photo shoot you may get an opportunity to get the picture of a lifetime and you don’t want to blow it. If you are observing a pride of lions feasting on a recent kill, must be patient, unobtrusive and steady.

Using a stabilizing pouch can give you the necessary platform to capture the scene perfectly without stress on your part. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls Guru Gear manufactures two sizes of the Sabi Sak that cradles your expensive lens without worry for stability. Each has handles for easy transport and set-up.

The Dry Sak

Summit to Sea SakThis pack is guaranteed to keep your carry-alongs dry. Rain, snow, river crossings, high humidity, waterfalls, any of these can be a factor when roaming into the ruff. If you have the Sea to Summit Dry Sak you can rest assured at the end of the day you’ll find a dry pair of socks waiting for you.
Made of lightweight, high performance nylon with fully taped, sealed seams and a stiffened Hypalon roll top enclosure it gets high grades for dependability.

It has a white laminate inner lining designed for easy visibility, this pack is made to make your life easy when conditions are not. Outdoor gear has to live up its hype. If caught with substandard gear it can put a damper on an a much anticipated adventure. When wanting to be better prepared, remember it’s sometimes the little things – like the right pouch or pack that can make the difference.

Leave a comment below letting me know what outdoor pouches or packs have been most valuable to you in your peregrinations.